Sentiero delle Espressioni, a walk for everyone!

Sentiero delle Espressioni, a walk for everyone!

The Trail of Expressions is a wonderful thematic trail opened in 2014!

The start of the trail is in Schignano, in the province of Como, at Posa, to be exact. The trail begins steeply: in the first 1,600 meters it climbs 350 meters until it reaches Cumana Alp, where there is a small lake and a farmhouse.

After the Cumana Alp you can begin to admire the first wooden statues, depicting various creatures, real and fictional.

It climbs another 100 meters to the 1,200 meters of Mount Comana, from where there is a splendid panoramic view of Lake Como. From here we continue walking through the woods, always admiring the various statues, including my favorite, depicting Munch’s Scream.


It is also possible to observe the messo’s spool, an ancient structure suitable for catching birds.

On the sixth kilometer of the walk, you arrive at Crocette. Here I continued walking for another 2 km (very slightly uphill) to Rifugio Prabello. In these 2 km, statues are dedicated to the Alpine soldiers who died during World War I: in fact, the Cadorna Line passed through this area.

From the Prabello Refuge it is possible to do a small climb to reach the Gordona rock: this part is steep, and is not recommended for those who suffer from vertigo! On the other hand, there is a splendid view of the entire Intelvi Valley and Switzerland.

Back in Crocette, I walked an additional 2 km downhill to return to the Posa parking lot!



The Sentiero del Viandante, four stops on the lake!

The ridge of the Larian triangle, a wonderful trek!

A beautiful lake tour!





  • It is a path suitable for everyone, including families. The only section I do not recommend is the one leading to Sasso Gordona, which can be safely avoided. It can be further shortened: from Crocette locality you can return directly to the parking lot, without passing through Prabello Refuge.


  • It is possible to find food and drink at Cumana Alp and Prabello. It is also possible to eat, but it is absolutely necessary to make reservations in advance, especially on weekends.


  • The nearest village is Schignano, where there is no shortage of bars and restaurants-it is still a small mountain village!


  • Posa’s parking lot is not very large. In the summer season you have to arrive early in the morning to find a place: otherwise you have to walk about 3 km from Schignano.


  • Schignano is easily reached from Argegno: it is about 25 km from Como and 6 km from the lake.


  • I walked this path in May, and the temperature was perfect. I definitely recommend the spring or, even better, fall months.



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