Diving in Baia, Campi Flegrei, Naples

Diving in Baia, Campi Flegrei, Naples


Diving in Baia, in the Campi Flegrei Park, is a true discovery of a historical world. The Phlegraean Fields area is linked to the volcanic phenomenon of bradyseism, which is a periodic lowering and raising of the ground level.n particular. The most macroscopic phenomenon occurred on September 28, 1538, when the sea suddenly receded about 370 meters.

This coastal area north of Naples in the first century B.C. became a thriving health resort, thanks in part to the presence of the imperial villa Pausilypon (which gave Posillipo its name). Compared to the imperial era, the coastline has sunk by 6 to 8 meters. This makes it so that in order to admire the villa (and the nymphaeum of Punta Epitaffio) you have to take part in a dive!

The Baia Underwater Park was a recent discovery, dating back only to 1940. The first scientific dives were conducted in 1969, and only since 2002 has the underwater archaeological area been protected by law.

The nymphaeum at Punta Epitaffio housed some wonderful statues, most notably those of Ulysses and Dionysus. Now the original statues have been transferred to the nearby Archaeological Museum of the Phlegraean Fields: copies faithful to the originals can be seen during the dive.

During the dive, it is also possible to admire mosaics, frescoes and the ancient road layouts: thus, it is a kind of Roman Atlantis!




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  • I performed the dive with the Campi Flegrei dive center. The two dives are easy, lasting about 50 minutes each. I paid 95 euros for the two dives and equipment rental. The two dives were Submerged Nymphaeum and Villa at Prothyro.


  • The diving center is located next to the Marena Beach establishment. This establishment is easily accessible from Naples: from Montesanto you can take ‘La Cumana,’ a train to the Lucrino stop in about 30 minutes. From the Lucrino stop you have to walk about five minutes to reach the plant.


  • You need the open patent (the 18-meter one). However, it is possible to take a water baptism, which, after a few trials, allows one to take a dive.


  • As mentioned before, these are not difficult dives. This is due to the fact that you descend to a maximum of 5 meters, with significantly less air consumption than my previous dives.


  • The Campi Flegrei area is characterized by the so-called Campi Flegrei supervolcano, a caldera about 12 km in diameter, about 10 times larger than Vesuvius. Its last eruption is dated 1538.



  • Diving in Baia is just one of the gems in the area of NAPLES
    , which deserves a week-long trip!




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